Become a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist 
....and learn how to become an expert in an untapped market

MTI Education has designed a program specifically for Real Estate Agents seeking to become a CPRES (Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist). This is the most profitable customer-getting program We’ve ever created

We’ve trained thousands of realtors across America (many during the Great Recession), and all of them have confirmed that this niche is 100% recession proof. CPRES agents were able to complete multiple successful transactions when their colleagues saw zero business opportunities

To help you navigate today’s uncertain times, MTI Education is offering our Ultimate Probate Real Estate System. Included are:
• Our National Certification
• A CPRES support package
• Discounted Probate leads - from various counties in America (if available in your area) 

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Generate listing opportunities using Probate, Living Trust and Guardianship LEADS.
  • Get an appointment with an executor or administrator (including virtually) in order to list their real estate using our proven 5-step technique
  • Distinguish the gems from the duds when it comes to executors and administrators.
  • ​Cultivate strong relationships with executors and administrators.
  • Get access to attorneys and their probate property inventory.  
  • ​Create and apply marketing strategies that are most effective when listing probate properties.  
  • Construct the perfect timeline to ensure fast results. 
  • Secure cash advances for administrators and executors (and how to get paid for it)

What are agents saying about MTI?

The Ultimate Probate Real Estate System shows you how to increase your customer base even in a down market…
The system includes:

Course and Certification

• Access to Complete Online Training Videos
• An Accompanying Audio Program
• A Sustained Marketing Program
• CPRES Certification Exam and Exclusive use of CPRES seal
• LIFETIME Certification (NO Annual Renewal Fees)

CPRES Support

• Weekly Coaching Calls (Wed at 1:00 pm PST)
• Archive of all Coaching Call Recordings
• Unlimited e-mail Support
• Access to CPRES Facebook Community
• Ongoing Access to Online Training Videos
• Admission to One Day Live Follow-Up Event after completing your online training - Optional (Not currently offered)
• NEW – ZOOM and Facebook Live group coaching meetings (Tuesdays 10AM PST) includes Q and A sessions as well as prospecting strategies (These are being held until we can resume our Live Training Events)
• Personalized Profile in the directory ($37 Value, Yours FREE) (our lead partner) available in select counties

Regular price $100. We give it FREE for 60 days ($67/month thereafter
• Every lead from your county sent directly to your inbox, up to three counties
• Leads sent as they are uploaded, which means multiple emails containing leads each month
• Ability to view an unlimited number of cases in the system and download an additional 100 leads per month
• Live webinar training 4x per month
• Complete Access to YouTube training portal of recorded webinars
• Each lead will contain:
   - Decedent Information
   - Petitioner Information
   - Email (If available)
   - Phone Number (If available)
   - Attorney Information
   - Property Information (If available)

•Regular price $100.  You get 60 days FREE then $67/month
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This course will increase my real estate business.
Carlos A, CA
Highly recommend to any agent looking to add another source of listing leads.
Ruth Bettini, FL
All the tools needed to open a growing segment to the real estate market.
Jessie H, CA

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